PC3 Digital is a digital marketing and web development agency, based in New York City. Office locations include one in the suburbs with a rescue dog who wants treats and walks all day, but rarely gets either, as well as a Lower Manhattan location close to fancy restaurants, retail stores and upscale gyms, and our team rarely gets to go to any of them.

We offer broad services with deep knowledge. Our core competencies are digital marketing and website development, but each of these entails many branches of activities and expertise. We create and execute email marketing and digital ad campaigns, and we build, fix and re-build websites, on several platforms, from Wordpress to Shopify to Squarespace, among others.

Below is a more detailed list of where we have depth of knowledge and experience:

  • Creating and executing ad campaigns on Facebook/Instagram, Google Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, Nextdoor and Hulu
  • Creating and fixing Wordpress websites, including many types of custom coded functions
  • Coding major modifications to Woocommerce to achieve very specific client goals (see HERE for some examples)
  • Connecting retail store point-of-sale (POS) systems to Wordpress/Woocommerce websites, to allow a small business and its team to keep using its familiar POS database, while using a more robust, professional Wordpress-Woocommerce website infrastructure
  • Creating unique and original graphic designs, animations and videos, for web, social media, email and ad campaigns, and/or digital and physical flyers
  • Create and redesign branding assets such as logos, company videos, sell sheets and other digital marketing assets

Please feel free to contact us using our Contact page HERE