This is our multi-platform real-time dashboard service. A FREE 10-day trial of the standard dashboard template is available to qualified prospects.

We are now offering a cloud-based, real-time dashboard service that is viewable on all types of devices. It allows our clients to view every connected or cloud-based data source imaginable that they currently use, all on a scrollable web page. From Google Analytics and Ads to Instagram likes to Twitter re-tweets to Yelp Views and Leads, not to mention Google My Business data, and Amazon sales, or any other metrics from these same types of social media platforms. But we can also connect data from client point of sales (POS) systems and any other system that you can access online or via mobile connection.

Dashboard 360 is a great way to save time during the workday, as well as on the nights and weekends when one wishes to view how their business is performing and/or being perceived or along a variety of key performance indicators (KPI). No more logging into one platform, fumbling around for the password, trying to memorize the recent pattern of activity, then logging out and on to the next one. You can now view ALL of your various accounts that make up your KPI’s , in one place, with a time series view (e.g. your view can go back days, weeks or months), even allowing you to compare Facebook to Instagram to Twitter engagement directly and over time, either separately or also combined onto the same graph. When sales data is also viewable in this same space or in even the same graph, the analytical value increases substantially. And this is all happening on your desktop, tablet or smartphone screen in seconds.

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